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Vision: To become the preeminent leader in orthopaedic and longevity research, education, and clinical practice, and to rapidly implement breakthrough discoveries and technology in orthopedics, with support of the cardiovascular and neurological sciences.

Mission: Through research, education, and clinical excellence, our advances will allow people to remain optimally fit and active, both physically and mentally.

A message from W. Andrew Hodge, M.D.
BioMotion Founder and Chairman

The U.S. population is aging rapidly. Right now 13% of the U.S. population is over the age of 65. In 20 years that number will increase to 30%. For seniors over 85, Palm Beach County is 50% higher than the national average and by the year 2020 that number will increase by 200%. The implications are staggering and the time to act is now.

The goal: To keep people healthy, active, independent, psychologically balanced and out of assisted living facilities.

Sustained research towards orthopaedic, neuromuscular and cardiac advancements allows people not only to live longer, but equally important, to live better. The World Health Organization tells us that 40% of the world's population over 70 suffers from knee arthritis - that's a lot of knees! 50% of women over the age of 50 suffer from significant osteoporosis that's 30 million people in the U.S. alone! This severe thinning and weakening of the bone can have deforming and crippling affects on their bodies.

Also, conditions such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy affect some 500,000 children and adults each year. As a result of these conditions, within the next 10 years at least 10 million people in the U.S. alone will require some type of orthopaedic implant (mostly hips and knees) to maintain mobility and quality of life.

80% of the adult population will have some problem with their spine during their lifetime. Strokes and cerebral vascular disease disable millions of people throughout the world. Cardiac disease is very disabling for a large percentage of our elderly and robs many lives prematurely. Technology research is helping to bring better solutions at a much faster rate to our eastern Florida community.

Statistics state that we should all live longer. If you can't move you will most likely die prematurely. This is what the BioMotion Foundation is about, making a difference by building stronger bodies and enhancing healthcare in Palm Beach County, therefore living better.

An investment in BioMotion is an investment in your well-being and in your future. Walk, run, swing a golf club, play tennis, sing, dance, stay active, enjoy living. Be part of a dream in motion.

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