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Mobility is Life:

Mobility is something most people take for granted
. . . when lost the impact is staggering

A Dream in Motion . . . How You Can Help

By donating to The BioMotion Foundation you will help us continue the life changing work to which we are committed. Our life changing programs addressing injury prevention, cardiac and orthopaedic implant technology, and analyzing crippling disability and disease can be expanded thereby reaching a greater portion of the community. Our research drives tangible results that can benefit you, your loved ones and your neighbors.

The BioMotion Foundation makes its home in Palm Beach County. Our research programs can change many lives here and now, and South Florida is where we can have tremendous impact. Our motivation is the reward we get from enhancing the lives of the people around us - but we can only do that with your help.

BioMotion is a 501(c)(3) not for profit research and education organization. Funding for research and services is provided by individual donors, educational grants, program grants, corporate sponsored research and foundation research grants. Your donation can be given in a number of different ways and will make a difference in your lifetime.

The Cornerstone Society is encouraged for major donors who wish to support specific research operations with a substantial gift and will receive enduring recognition for their commitment.

Charitable Gifts of any amount can be directed to support specific programs or events.

In Kind Donations such as products or services that support the BioMotion mission.

Auction Items such as merchandise, services, sports memorabilia and gift certificates that can be raffled off at fundraising events.

Friendraising by helping us make connections with individuals and businesses that might have an affinity for BioMotion's programs.

Volunteer and become involved in planning events and spreading news of our work to the community.

Please open your hearts and minds and give to an organization that supports your desire for longevity, quality to life and excellence in healthcare.

For more information contact Scott Keiser, General Manager, at