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Mobility is Life:

World class healthcare requires
sustained research and education

Leading healthcare professionals know that in order to find the best doctor you should find one that is actively involved in his field through research and publications as well as sustained education of others in his field.

The BioMotion research facility attracts top health care professionals to Palm Beach County and insures the availability of cutting edge therapy and technology to local residents. Our world-class engineers and clinicians work to provide more effective medical technology for crippling conditions and to improve devices and therapies for degenerative conditions.

Our focus includes patients within the community from all walks of life and with varied interests, gardeners, painters, athletes, teachers, the young and the not so young. Each has access to the rewarding research done by The BioMotion Foundation.

The BioMotion staff is comprised of world-renowned

The BioMotion Foundation -
committed to lifelong health
for the people of Palm Beach
County . . . our home and yours.

orthopaedic surgeons, bioengineers, community leaders and volunteers who are passionate about developing ways to improve human mobility and enhance quality of life. What differentiates
The BioMotion Foundation from others is that we are the research facility. Our team of professionals is the research team. Best of all we are here in Palm Beach County doing work among the community for the benefit of the community.

Founded in Boston at Harvard and MIT in 1987, BioMotion was recruited to the Palm Beach area in 1992 to provide groundbreaking work to the local community. The BioMotion Lab serves as a resource for surgeons, therapists and health and wellness professionals in addition to bringing the same level of excellence typically demonstrated in an academic medical environment.

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