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Mobility is Life:

Community leaders speak out

W. Andrew Hodge, M.D. Founder and Chairman
"Our commitment to building stronger bodies dictates that patient care be our priority, innovation our strength, with research as the foundation of our progress toward longevity and mobility. Through clinical application of our new technology we expect people to live their lives independently and outside of nursing homes."

Lachlan Reed, Ph.D. BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
"BioMotion's research helps all of us who want the good life of easy movement with friends and family - not the prison of rest homes, walkers or crutches."

Jeffrey Levitetz BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
Founder/CEO Purity Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
"Meeting with Dr. Hodge and participating in BioMotion research helped me understand my condition and treatment options. The wealth of information available through the BioMotion Foundation has helped me through a tough year. This group provides a valuable resource to the community and I look forward to helping them achieve their goals for expanded programs."

Clare O'Keeffe Board of Directors
Broker Clare O'Keeffe Realty, Director The Esther B. O'Keeffe Foundation
"I have personally benefited from the orthopaedic research work of the BioMotion Foundation. I am so glad that they are right here in the Palm Beaches which is a terrific convenience for me."

Gary Carter BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
National Baseball Hall of Famer
"I have great faith in Dr. Andy Hodge and the BioMotion Foundation. The results provided by their strides in medical technology are such a benefit to our own community. I look forward to helping then better even more lives as they expand the scope of their research."

Alex Dreyfoos, Jr. BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
Chairman, The Dreyfoos Group
"I could have gone anywhere for my surgery. I conferred with knowledgeable medical professionals throughout the country. I was referred right back here to Dr. Hodge's expertise. Everyone I spoke with recognized the quality we have available here in our own backyard with BioMotion."

Eva Forsyth BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
"Dr. Andrew Hodge has given so much to improve the quality of life for his patients. To be able to live and move freely without pain is a blessing and Dr. Hodge's efforts within The BioMotion Foundation have our full support and admiration."

General Alexander M. Haig, Jr. BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
"Motion and activity are the basis for longevity. Without them, life loses quality."

Amin J. Khoury BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
Chairman of the Board, BE Aerospace
"I have been personally involved with Dr. Andy Hodge as a patient and as a supporter of the BioMotion Foundation. Having access to Dr. Hodge's medical expertise and to this world class research center is truly a benefit to our community."

David A. Lipschitz, M.D., Ph.D. BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
Professor of Geriatrics, University of Arkansas
"Breaking the rules of aging - that's what BioMotion's technology does. By helping seniors stay out of nursing homes we promote a happier, more balanced society."

Jim Palmer BioMotion Advisory Cabinet
National Baseball Hall of Famer
"As you get older, you understand that the kind of work Andy is doing not only helps individuals, but as our population gets older and lives longer, we want to enjoy life to a greater degree."

Cynta Gabreila de Narvaez Recipient of very first 3DKnee
Expedition Guide
"There is a profound hopelessness that comes when, at the age of 30, one hears that they need new knees but can't get then until the age of 50. This is just not fair. At the time, all I could think of was, "Hey, I hurt now. I can't walk now. I could be dead in 20 years! I want my freedom now." Other doctors said that I would never walk again. Then I met Dr. Hodge. I have my legs and my life back."

Jack Cahill
President Surgical Division Encore Medical Company
"We at Encore Medical, L.P. are extremely pleased to be associated with The BioMotion Foundation. Through its state-of-the-art research, the BioMotion Foundation and Encore Medical, L.P. have developed the 3DKnee, the first knee system to specifically address the altered mechanics of a total knee replacement. This breakthrough could not have been possible without the scientific information and research gathered over the past fifteen years. This research by the BioMotion Foundation has directly contributed to a better implant design."
Peter and Jane Elebash BioMotion Board Member
"Many of us have already benefited from the research and clinical care of BioMotion. The Samaritan Fund was established to respond quickly to those who need orthopaedic surgery but who do not have the means to receive the treatment they desperately need. This compassionate program is greatly needed and deserves community support."
Helen K. Persson Community Leader and Philanthropist
"It is important for us to support organizations that will make a real difference in the quality of healthcare offered in our area. I am impressed with BioMotion's work that helps people live longer and live better."

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